Tour Our Homeschool Space!

Tour Our Homeschool Space!

With our country in a bit of chaos lately, a lot of people have been schooling their kids at home the past couple months. We just finished up our second year of homeschooling, and as time goes on, we figure out more and more what works (and doesn’t work!) for us. I’ve seen a handful of Facebook posts from people who have decided to truly homeschool the next school year, and leave public school. I wanted to share an updated post about our homeschooling space/organization, as it has grown quite a bit this year!

Our bookcase is about the same, with the addition of some cubes to organize (read: hide) the mess a bit.

The top shelf is art supplies, the second shelf is too. The third and fourth shelves are books, journals, notebooks, basically everything my oldest (11) uses every day. The lowest shelf has more books, and play doh/accessories.

My oldest typically works at the dining room table, and my youngest (3), works here. I love her little space! She has her little table with crayons/paper on it always. On the shelf above her table is typically what we are working on at the moment – currently it is the alphabet. She has some writing pages, coloring pages, ABC activities, her ABC journal and books. She also has a little tabletop easel with a roll of paper we put up so she can paint. In the bottom cubby to the left of her table, are some dot painters and colored pencils. The middle cubby holds her sorting bears, and some card games. The top cubby holds more themed activities for whatever we are learning, and some more workbooks.

This is the other half of my youngest’s space. We use her large dry erase board every day. She has magnetic letters and animals that we use to learn the alphabet, and practices writing letters and her name on there daily. The rolling cart holds our morning basket, and a couple baskets that we are putting together for my oldest next year. We are getting new books for those every day it seems, so once those are all in I will make a separate post explaining how we use our baskets!

This big cubby is new in our space, and it is my new favorite thing. I love having a spot for my laminator and book binder to sit out and ready to use! Prior to this, they were on a shelf in our hall closet and I had to bring them out into the kitchen when it was time to use, and it was really annoying. So this part alone totally made my day! The cubbies below hold the binding combs, laminating sheets, my supply basket, a bunch of books and some Picasso blocks. We use the dry erase board for our daily schedule. Usually every night I will prep all the things we need for the next day, and write out the schedule for each of my girls on the board. My oldest will write out her day in her planner, too. For now, we are on a lighter summer schedule so that won’t change until we start our regular school in August. The bulletin board usually holds art projects and small reminder posters.

Our last new-ish thing is this felt map. We are starting a state study, and have little felt pieces to put on each state once we finish. We are going to try to get through a state a week, but its slow going lately, ha! We also have a hanging file folder holder that holds our artist study books, and other random papers to be put away.

When we first started homeschooling, it was just my oldest and most of the things she was doing was online. It seemed like we barely had any “supplies” and all of her stuff for the day fit into a bucket she would carry back and forth from the hall closet. That has clearly changed! I am loving our homeschool space, all of our supples, I love all the books – I love it all!

Speaking of books, I wanted to share a new thing in my life! As a homeschool mom, we are always looking not only for books, but especially educational books that relate to things we are studying at the moment. We absolutely love Usborne books, so I finally decided it was worth it (even for the discount alone!) to become a consultant!

Hop on over to my Usborne Books page for all the info you need, or feel free to shop now through this link!

As I mentioned earlier, I am in the process of putting together baskets for my oldest for next year – so far there will be/is a Space basket, US History basket, a Money basket and a Cooking basket. Once we receive all of our books for that, I’ll share how we use baskets in our homeschool!

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