Scavenger Hunt Fun!

Scavenger Hunt Fun!

Our world is a bit chaotic at the moment, and I know we aren’t the only ones going a little crazy not being able to get out of the house much. A few weeks ago, I set up a little scavenger hunt for the girls. It was such a hit, I’m planning another one for them!

I surprised them with this – and managed to get them a pretty awesome treasure for the end – but that isn’t totally necessary. For their next prize, it will probably be a coupon for a movie night with treats and popcorn, or something along those lines. We haven’t done that in awhile, so I think they will be pretty pumped about it!

Looking for a clue under a shoe…
…found it!

I started the night before with a list of 10 clues. The first one I handed directly to them to start, and then hid the rest around the house.

Since there’s an age difference between my girls – they are 11 and 3 – I wanted both to be able to figure out where they were going. Some clues you had to “solve” and some just were a poem with the “answer” right in them. My 11 was super sweet and made sure to read each clue out loud, and decide with her sister where they had to go next.

They ran around so excitedly, it made my mama heart so happy! They were super excited with the end treasure, too! FYI, anyone with an 11ish year old….perler beads are a BIG hit! She is obsessed lately and making tons of projects!

Here are some fun prize ideas to get you started…

1. Small craft kit.
2. Coloring book & pencils/crayons.
3. New storybook.
4. Glow in the dark stars & planets for their bedroom ceiling.
5. Small toys, matchbox cars, barbies.
6. Homemade tickets for an at home movie night, popcorn & treat.
7. Fixings for homemade pizza to make together (it would be fun to leave their treasure to be found in the fridge!).
8. Play dough(homemade is great, too!)
9. Seeds, pot and planting materials.
10. Rocks, brushes & paint.

I have a few printable scavenger hunts in my Etsy shop – check them out here!

Have fun planning & surprising your kiddos!

xo, Cait

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