Oof, the last few months have been rough, amirite?! Everyone was so ready for 2020 to end…2021 has been just as eventful. I’m ready to go back to the before! Nothing will ever be the same I suppose, but…going back to some semblance of normalcy would be nice, yes?

Between mom life, homeschool, kids, housework, laundry, dishes, everything being closed down, being stuck at home…etc etc etc…I started to explore a passion of mine.

I’ve always been a fairly crafty person, and *usually* fairly creative. I’ve made name art, birth announcements, party invites, bachelorette games…the list goes on and on. Something I started doing about a year ago was planning scavenger hunts for my kiddos.

They were a HUGE hit! Some friends mentioned they’d like a set to use with their kids…& a light bulb went off above my head.

I opened an Etsy shop account a few years ago. As I said, I’m pretty crafty & like to create a lot of different things. However, I couldn’t ever narrow it down to any one thing & I didn’t want a random mish mash of a bunch of things that didn’t make sense.

Then came the light bulb.

And Seven Haven Lane was born.

I started adding things a couple weeks ago, and have already made a few sales…which is so encouraging, and honestly touching that people would find my creations something they wanted to use with their own children, or share with their families, or hang in their home!

I’ve got quite a list of ideas and things I want to complete and get listed in the shop, and will be adding new stuff all the time!

I’ve got a special coupon code for my blog friends to kick off the grand opening!

You can click here for the 15% off code, or enter MOMBLOG at checkout. The coupon will be valid until 3/20/201.

I’m starting to build up a little variety in my listings, so soon there will definitely be a little something for everyone! There is also a button on there to request a custom creation – I would love to make your ideas come to life! Please reach out if you have something in mind.

In addition to the shop, please give Seven Haven Lane a follow on Facebook and Instagram!

I appreciate all of you so much!

Things have somewhat calmed down now, and blog posts will be happening on the regular again soon.

I hope you all are well. ❤️

Xoxo, Cait