Family Fire Safety Plan

Family Fire Safety Plan

As the daughter of a firefighter, fire safety is something I am very passionate about! Sometimes, I admit I can take it too far – like not throwing away the empty popcorn bag straightaway, & instead letting it “cool off” on the counter – but for the most part, you can’t ever be too safe.

This is especially important with families with little ones…& even more so when it’s one parent home with multiple children.

My girls & I recently moved, & one of the first things we did after getting settled was go over our family fire safety plan. This includes general fire safety rules, but most importantly a plan of action in case we need to evacuate our home due to fire.

Of course, this topic can be distressing & scary for parents & children alike. However, it is SO important to all be on the same page in case an emergency arises.

I created this printable that I use with my own kids to go over our plan!

In ours, we have our address – important to memorize in case of any emergency – & in the “home escape route” box, I’ve drawn a little layout of our home with different escape routes in different colors. We also agreed on a family meeting spot outside.

Again, it can be scary to think about these things, especially when children are involved & it’s your home. But in the event that the worst happens, it’s always best to be prepared.

Get your free download here: FireSafetyPlan



4 thoughts on “Family Fire Safety Plan

  1. Great idea and love the printables. I always change the smoke detector batteries when I move into a new house as a safety precaution.


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