Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Spring Cleaning Challenge!

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Whew! So, its finally March…which means Spring is just over a week away! I mean, we still have like 16 feet of snow outside and its only 20ish degrees, but…I’ve got faith, man! It has to warm up eventually, right?

Fingers crossed!

I am definitely more of an Autumn person – jeans & hoodies & bonfires, yes please! – but Spring is alright. My second favorite part about it – after finally being able to open the windows with warm air coming inside! – is spring cleaning! I guess *favorite* might be a little bit of a stretch, but I do love the feeling of a deep cleaned house after being cooped up and closed up all winter long.

So, starting March 18th, I will be doing a 21 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge! I’ve divided up a list into one little thing each day for three weeks. I’ve also created a printable for y’all to follow along with me, or start whenever you feel like!

It took me awhile, but I’ve gotten to a point where I actually do enjoy cleaning. One thing I’ve found recently that I love are these swedish dishcloths! I love anything reusable, and to cut down on our waste. I’ve worked these into our budget to be able to purchase periodically, and I am obsessed. They dry pretty quickly, and I’m able to just pop them in the dishwasher once they are dirty to clean/sanitize them. They don’t get that stinky dishrag smell either, which I absolutely ABHOR, so that makes me really happy! So far I just use them specifically for cleaning, and maybe wiping up things around the kitchen. Eventually I plan to hopefully replace our paper towels with them. Another thing I love having around the house (mainly for the kitchen/bathroom) are these microfiber cloths. They are a bit cheaper, so I have quite a bit of them around already. I actually keep this laundry hamper in our front closet to just toss the rags/washcloths in every day, to wash at the end of the week. Its super handy and makes me feel a lot better than throwing gross rags into our clothes baskets.

I hope you will join me in this challenge! And if you have any helpful cleaning tips to share, please drop a comment below!

xoxo, Cait

18 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Challenge!

  1. I really need to get myself moving and do my own challenge: challenging myself to do some spring cleaning! It is so difficult for me to get everything in in the day.


  2. I’m a neat freak and I love me a good cleaning checklist. I’ve never done a cleaning challenge but I’m eager to give it a try. Thanks for the resource!


  3. I’m with you 100% on being a fall person! But, spring is a great time to shake off the dust and challenge yourself with a little cleaning. This is such an optimistic way to look at it, and your checklist is so pretty and colorful, it almost makes me excited to clean.


  4. Yes Yes Yes! Love micro fiber cloths, they come in handy for so many things. I do need to get myself organized and ready to tackle spring cleaning. sigh.


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