Sick Baby Hacks!

Sick Baby Hacks!

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My poor sweet littlest sassy was so sick with a cold this weekend! Her eyes were swollen & watery, she was so stuffed up, couldn’t sleep, it was so sad! There’s nothing worse than your kiddos being sick – especially when you can’t do much to help!

Sweet babe, cuddling her Llama Llama

But even though it came out of nowhere – & my oldest, who was with her father for the weekend, accidentally took my car keys with her! – mama doesn’t mess around, so we were prepared!

The normal stuff, obvi – Kleenex, meds, “magic soap” (as we call it!), lip chappy and this nifty little contraption in the front!

So, we did the Nose Frida thing when she was a little babe. She hasn’t been sick/sniffly too terribly often, but we used it a few times and I felt kind of…meh about it, honestly. The hole was too big for my tiny girl’s nostrils, the tube always flung around weird & would hurt my lip? I don’t know. It was just not awesome. AND THEN! And then I was gifted that masterpiece of a boog sucker.

Mom life, am I right??

This thing is awesome. It has a small tip, so it goes right into her nose no problem. The best part is, in addition to it being a mom sucker thing, it also is a bulb syringe to suck boogs without the mouth part! Those are the technical terms, for sure.

Anyway, it comes apart easily to clean (even the bulb syringe part! Which is awesome), comes with quite a few replacement filters, there’s no way to accidentally blow air out into the babes nose, and it even come comes with a little pouch to store it in. And my other favorite part is that the bulb syringe actually WORKS! You know how the hospital one works awesome, but then every one you end up buying after that totally sucks?! I was worried about that happening, but this thing was awesome.

The other thing that worked fantastic for us was my Baby Lips Chapstick! Our only tub of Vaseline was with my oldest girl, & poor baby girl’s nose & upper lip was getting so chapped & raw from all the nose wiping! I got desperate, & gave up my favorite chappy for my sweet girl. She loves putting “lips” on, & once I showed her how to put in under her nose, above her lip & even a little across her cheeks – she was loving it even more! Once I researched kids chapstick, I found this stuff – which I already purchased. So I haven’t used it yet, but we will & I will report back!

Thankfully, my sweet girl was feeling better by Sunday….& Monday morning, the first thing she said when she woke up was “mama, I feel much better today!” 😍

I was so thankful to hear that! What kind of mom hacks do you have when your littles are sick? I’d love to hear them!

10 thoughts on “Sick Baby Hacks!

  1. This is the downside of the cold months, all the cold kids get. Glad to hear you are all better now, and glad to hear there’s a boog sucker with a syringe!


  2. Great information! I love my nose Frida! The kids hate it, but I love it! They might like your contraption better though… I’ll look into it!


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